Reiki for horses

The horse force

Reiki is a wonderful and completely natural healing energy. It is infinite and flows through all living things. Being sensitive creatures horses are instinctively aware of and accept Reiki readily and by watching them during and after a treatment it's easy to see that they love the many benefits they receive from it.

Reiki works intuitively and does so physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to treat the underlying cause not just the presenting symptoms. It is intelligent and always works for the greatest good of the recipient. Reiki can do no harm and so is great for any horse of any age, size, type or current health condition.

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Reiki for a Healthier horse

Working physically

Reiki is best known as a healing therapy and as such it is obviously great for treating injuries or medical conditions such as colic or laminitis. As a complementary therapy it is not a replacement for proper medical care but it does work extremely well alongside any treatments given by your vet. In fact it can not only help with healing but it can also alleviate the side effects of any medication given.

Working physically it can also help improve both fitness and strength as well as reducing recovery time following exercise, thereby improving a horse's performance.

For injuries and short term conditions it can be given as and when needed until the horse has recovered. Alternatively it can be given as part of an on-going care package to help with long term conditions such as arthritis or chronic lameness.

There are no physical conditions that Reiki can not help with as it always works for the greatest good of the horse, thereby creating a healthier horse.

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Reiki for a Happier horse

Working mentally and emotionally

While Reiki is not a replacement for proper medical care from your vet, working mentally, emotionally and spiritually it can offer your horse so much more than the physical care they provide.

Reiki is great at calming horses in general, but this is especially relevant while they are having any treatment for illness or injury. It can also help them cope with the additional stress of prolonged box rest and or separation from the rest of their herd.

Anxious, stressed or nervous horses benefit from regular Reiki treatments as part of an on-going care package. Alternatively it can be given as and when required, leading up to a competition, moving stables or a new owner for example.

Reiki can also be a great help and comfort to horses who have lost a close companion, or those who are coming towards the end of their own life.

By treating the whole horse Reiki is a great way to improve mental, emotional and spiritual well being, thereby creating a happier horse.

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Reiki for a Healthier Happier Human

Working for you

While Reiki is undoubtedly great for horses, it works on all living things so theres no reason why you can't experience it as well. And with all the same amazing benefits available to you, you will quickly see just why horses love Reiki so much.

I am a Reiki master/ teacher and have been successfully treating humans for many years.

I have my own treatment room set up ready to go but I also have a mobile service so can easily come to you instead. This allows for a unique experience where I treat both you and your horse one after the other on the same day. You can even have your treatment alongside your horse for an amazing bonding experience if you would like.

As a Reiki teacher I can also train you to become a Reiki practitioner yourself so that you can not only treat yourself but also your own horses.

I am also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and so can help you with other issues such as improving confidence with your horse and or riding, coping with stress or anxiety or even improving your performance for a competition.

But my hypnotherapy service is only available to humans so please don't mention this to your horse.

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