What is Reiki?

Reiki is a wonderful, gentle, completely safe and natural holistic healing therapy. It started in Japan, over 100 years ago, by a man called Mikao Usui who developed it as a life long, spiritual journey and self-healing method. It was seen as a way to live to attain personal health, balance, harmony and spiritual growth.

Practitioners would work on themselves daily to continually deepen and develop their connection with and understanding of the energy and in so doing improving themselves and their healing abilities. I am a Reiki master / teacher, trained in and practicing this traditional Japanese style of Reiki.

Nowadays Reiki is more commonly practiced and seen as a hands on complimentary therapy where practitioners give treatments to others by channeling and sharing a universal energy called Ki.

This energy is infinite, it fills the universe and flows around and through all living things. When you cut or injure yourself or have major surgery your body naturally heals itself and it does so perfectly well without any conscious effort or input on your part, that is Reiki.

Reiki works intuitively and not just physically, it also works emotionally, mentally and spiritually and always for the greatest benefit of the recipient. It treats the whole, body and mind, to heal and cure the underlying cause of any issue or problem, not just the presenting symptoms.

Working physically it is obviously great for helping to treat existing medical conditions such as arthritis or an injury. But it can do much more than just healing in the traditional sense. It is also well known for its ability to relax and reduce stress as well as helping with emotional issues like separation anxiety or the loss of a loved one.

Being a totally natural energy Reiki can never do any harm and it is impossible to receive too much Reiki. Because of all this, it is often used regularly to maintain health and happiness as a whole.

Prevention is always better than cure and regular Reiki sessions are great at doing just that, which in the long term could save you a lot of money on unwanted vets bills.

What Reiki is not, is a replacement for proper medical care from your vet or farrier. Reiki practitioners are not medically trained and can not offer any diagnosis or medical advice. It can however, work safely in combination with and alongside any treatment from your vet. Not only by helping with healing but it has also been shown to reduce the side effects of any medications given.

Reiki is also not invasive. Sharing Reiki does not involve any pressure or massage, it does not even require the gentle laying on of hands – while some horses like this, others do not, but this is not a problem. The hands can be placed near the horse or it can be shared over the stable door, from a distance in the field or even remotely from many miles away with exactly the same level of beneficial effects received.

I work intuitively, and while I prefer to be with the horse, I have no preference for how or where Reiki is shared. It is more important, to treat the horse how, where and when they are happiest, provided it is safe for all.

Remote sessions can be arranged, where I will send Reiki to your horse from home. This is best done at a set time chosen in advance so that the horse will have a quiet space and time to receive it. However it can also be sent in an emergency if needed and I am unable to attend.

It is better, but not essential, if I meet the horse first but I can work from a picture and name as well if needed.

You can find out more about the many wonderful benefits of Reiki for your horse here.

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So who is Pete Gallop?

and yes, my surname really is Gallop

I am an advanced equine Reiki practitioner and I help loving horse owners improve and maintain not only their horse's health and happiness but also their bond and relationship by sharing Reiki with them so they can enjoy more quality time together.

I have always had a love of animals and grew up with many pets including cats, dogs, tortoises, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, birds and even a snake. While we never actually had any horses ourselves, Mum loved them and so they were often a part of my life growing up.

After many years running several different small businesses I started my Reiki journey by completing Shoden (level 1). I loved it and a year later I furthered my development with Okuden (level 2). This just increased my love of Reiki even more and so several years later I trained to successfully complete Shinpiden and become a fully qualified Reiki master / teacher. I have been sharing Reiki with humans for many years now and still love doing so.

I practice the traditional Eastern style of Reiki, which aims to be as close as possible to the original style and teachings as taught by Mikao Usui, the founder of Reiki, himself.

It was shortly after completing Okuden level that I had recurring dreams of a big white horse coming to stand with me. I did some research and quickly found that horses love Reiki. I knew then that I just had to follow this path as I believed it was a sign, or a calling. And the surname finally seemed to make sense : )

So, I studied with Sarah Beresford at the Epona centre and worked closely with an amazing herd / team of horses and humans at the local Conquest centre to gain my Advanced Equine Reiki practitioner level.

I still visit Conquest regularly to share Reiki with the horses and or humans. I love being there and now see it as my therapy time as much as theirs.

I love being outside in nature, in all weathers and when time permits I also enjoy photography, cycling and surfing.

I still really enjoy providing Reiki treatments and classes to humans, but I have really come to love sharing Reiki with Equines. They not only get it, they live it and love it and have actually taught me so much, both about Reiki and about myself. Because of this I now feel a much deeper connection with them. I am now developing all of this into my own style of delivering Reiki through a deep connection or bond based on mutual compassion, trust and respect.

Alongside Reiki I am also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and as such I offer positive personal solution focussed hypnotherapy. In short I help to get you from where you are now to where you want to be and to do so as quickly as possible. And as with all journeys, I find it helps to look forward to where you're going, not looking backwards to see where you've been.

Hypnotherapy can help with a whole host of problems and issues but it can also be used to improve memory, focus or even your sports performance. It works particularly well alongside Reiki when treating conditions like anxiety, stress or lack of confidence.

If you and or your horse would like to discover more about the amazing results of Reiki for yourselves then get in touch using the form below, or give me a call on 0774 168 6476.

Sadly I can not offer hypnotherapy for horses, not yet anyway : )