Reiki is a wonderful natural healing therapy that anyone can easily learn to enhance and change not only their own life, but also that of those close to them, including horses and pets.

The Reiki system was started just over one hundred years ago in Japan by a man named Mikao Usui. He developed it as a life long, self-healing method, a way to attain personal health, balance, harmony and spiritual growth. This included hands on healing of the self and of others.

I am a qualified Reiki master / teacher and so can offer Reiki courses for those wishing to learn this amazing life long skill for themselves.

⇢ Shoden Reiki Course (Level 1)
⇢ Okuden Reiki Course (Level 2)
⇢ The Horse Force Course - Reiki with horses

Shoden Reiki Course (Level 1)

Shoden is a Japanese word which means 'First teachings' or 'beginnings' it is the first level in the traditional Japanese version of the Reiki system. It is the start of your Reiki journey and on the course you will:

  • Learn what Reiki is and just what it can do for you and others
  • Find out about Mikao Usui and the history and development of Reiki
  • Receive 4 attunements to open you up to Reiki energy
  • Find out about the Reiki precepts
  • Discover and practice energy exercises
  • Be given and practice self-healing meditations
  • Learn and practice hands on healing of yourself and others
  • Be given a full comprehensive manual to keep
  • Receive full Shoden certification with direct lineage to Mikao Usui

After the course you will:

  • Be able to treat yourself and members of your family, including pets
  • Have a follow up session a month or so after the course
  • Receive on-going tutor and peer support, with access to a private group
  • Be able to attend Reiki shares and blessings
  • Benefit from discounted treatments from me

The course is held over 2 consecutive days. This usually takes place in the centre of Taunton but if there are at least 2 of you and you have a suitable space then I can come to you. I can arrange a course for a minimum of two students, alternatively please get in touch to find out when my next scheduled course is.

Please note: If you would like to offer Reiki on a commercial basis then you will need to complete the next level, Okuden.

The cost of a Shoden course is £180

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Okuden Reiki Course (Level 2)

Okuden is a Japanese word meaning 'inner teachings' it is the second level in the traditional Eastern version of the Reiki system as founded and taught by Mikao Usui.

This level is all about deepening your connection to and understanding of Reiki energy and the teachings of the system.

To take this course you must have completed a Shoden or level 1 Reiki course and have shown sufficient understanding of and development in the teachings at that level.

On an Okuden course you will:

  • Enhance your connection to Reiki
  • Improve your own energy levels and intuition
  • Be shown and practice further self-healing meditations
  • Learn about the two different types of Reiki energy
  • Discover the three Reiki symbols including their meanings, usage and mantras
  • Receive 3 further attunements
  • Gain an understanding of and practice distance healing
  • Find out how to provide Reiki as a profession to members of the public
  • Be given a full manual covering all topics at this level

Following completion of the course you will continue to receive all the benefits as for Shoden level, but you will also be able to set up and operate on a commercial basis.

The course can either be held over 2 consecutive days – or alternatively I offer a unique option to complete the course over 4 half days which allows time for you to learn each element in turn.

I run Okuden courses for 1 or 2 students at a time and these can be arranged for a mutually convenient date and time.

The cost of an Okuden course is £250

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The Horse Force Course - Reiki with horses

This is a unique 2 part course designed not only to teach you Reiki so that you can access all the amazing benefits of it yourself, but also to teach you the best ways and methods of sharing Reiki with horses.

The first part is for you to complete a 2 day Shoden course as above. You will then have some time to adjust to the new energy and practice using your new skills.

The second part of the course then looks at how best to share Reiki with horses. This itself is done in several parts comprising both theory and practical elements to each so that you will not only understand the principles behind the techniques but you will also get to practice them for real. All of this is done with the horse foremost in our mind, so we look in detail at areas including horse behaviour, body language and calming signals that will all have an effect on the way we connect and share Reiki with the horse. We also cover health and safety of yourself, others and the horse, working with vets and legal requirements and limitations.

Most of the theory is done as a home study so you can complete it in your own time through worksheets and questionnaires which will be sent to you when you register. We then hold regular practical days where you can come and see demonstrations and then try your new skills out for real. These form part of the course and are required in order to successfully pass the course.

You are able to try your new skills out on your own horse(s) at any stage, but at this level you can not operate commercially.

In order to do that you must have at least Okuden Reiki (level 2) and have passed the advanced horse course. Details available on request.

The cost of the Horse Force Course is £450