All of the following prices, with the exception of the courses, are based on me attending your site to share Reiki with your horses. However, they also apply if you'd like the Reiki treatments for yourself or any other animals such as cats or dogs (who also love Reiki) as well or instead.

All prices include travel within a 12 mile radius from Taunton. Additional charges will apply for all visits over this distance, contact me for details and a quote for this.

Please contact me if you would prefer to come to me for your Reiki treatment.

Payments can be made by cash or card on the day or by bank transfer in advance.

Please note: If you are a registered charity then I am able to offer a discount off of all prices, contact me for details.

Individual Treatments


By visit

Remote Reiki


Individual Reiki Treatments

Holistic complimentary therapy given on site. A great and affordable way for your horse to experience Reiki if they've not had it before. Also great for pre-competition preparation or just for an occasional treat for your horse.

Initial Meeting/treatment

For a single visit to your site. Lasting up to 90mins it includes an initial consultation for up to 2 horses.

Individual follow up treatments

For a single visit lasting up to 60mins.

Special Offer: Free initial consultation – saving £15

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Treatment packages

Individual treatments are effective and can have great results, but Reiki works accumulatively and the effects and benefits of it continue to build over time with regular treatments.

This is especially true for anxious, or nervous horses or those with a long term condition. I have therefore created the following packages for those wishing to establish Reiki as a regular part of the care routine that they have for their horses.

Package options are flexible, so for example a 6 treatment package could be used to treat:

  • 1 horse on 6 separate visits
  • or yourself and your horse on each of 3 visits
  • or to treat 2 horses on one visit and 4 on another
  • or... you get the idea.

4x treatment package

Package deal for multiple treatments on 1 to 4 horses / visits.

6x treatment package

Package deal for multiple treatments on 1 to 6 horses / visits.

Monthly treatments

Per horse, based on an initial minimum of 6 months paid in advance then on an on-going basis with monthly payments.

Special Offer: Free initial consultation and a Gallop Equine Reiki Baseball Cap with all packages

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By Visit

Alternatively if you have a lot of horses, or run a yard then I offer day or half day rates to treat a number of horses and or humans or other animals in the one visit.

Full day

Up to 6 hours to treat a number of horses and or people per site / yard.

Half day

Up to 4 hours to treat a number of horses and or people per site / yard.

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Remote Reiki

I don't have to be with your horse to give it Reiki as I can send it from anywhere with just as much effect. Ideally it is done at a pre determined time so the horse can still have quiet space and time. This works well for on-going daily support through major illness or injury. Alternatively it can be used to send Reiki in an emergency.

I find it is best if I meet the horse beforehand, but I can work from a name and a picture if needed.

£25 per treatment

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Reiki Courses

As a Reiki master / teacher I offer courses for you to learn how to use Reiki for yourself and your own horses. Find out more about my Reiki courses here.

2 day Shoden
(level 1)

This is the start of your Reiki journey.

2 day or 4x half day Okuden (level 2) course

Further your journey and develop a deeper connection to the various elements of Reiki energy. This level is required if you would like to provide Reiki commercially.

The Horse Force Course - Reiki with horses

Includes the Shoden Reiki course and then an extra course to learn best practices and methods for sharing it with your horse.